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Suraj Network Broadband primarily focuses on providing fixed wireless broadband to areas of the City that are currently under served by traditional Telecom and Cable companies. The Company’s current network footprint covers in Delhi and NCR targeting to cover the addressable market of entire Country homes, as well as small to mid-size businesses and at Suraj Network Broadband, We are always driving toward a better and more exciting future for our customers. We have pioneered affordable broadband in market the big companys forget Suraj Network Broadband is currently working as “C” Class ISP of Delhi NCR for Broadband & other services. As 99% owened and operated in Delhi, the firm with independent Director Mr. Rakesh Singh, having large business experience of Satellite & Telecom industry since 2010 provides sound governance and brings a wealth of experience from both the public and private sectors. Broadband is characterized as a high transmission capacity association with the Internet. Broadband is less demanding and speedier to use than the conventional phone and modem as data might be sent and downloaded much snappier. Broadband could be furnished over your telephone line, through link or by means of satellite. It includes extensive volumes of data being conveyed at high speeds to your Pc. This permits sites, content, representation, music and films to be encountered continuously. Broadband, hence, has numerous offers that might be exploited in the home or office Broadband likewise accompanies an alluring bundle of worth added administrations to make your broadband experience all the more satisfying. Browse an extensive variety of engaging plans, from information confine plans to boundless plans to multi-month plans to unique day/ night plans, intended to meet your particular Internet prerequisites and fit your plan.

Ultra fast connection

Suraj Network Broadband Offers Wi-Fi Internet Facility. Its is a popular technology.

Coverage area

Suraj Network Broadband Offers You To Get Any Where Connection

Security & advanced technology

We Have Ensure Your Privacy And Best Service